Glycerineby Naturallythinking Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

SDS for Glycerine

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) dated 06/07/2020

Batch Number: FRAMECPSR

Section 1: Identification of Product and Supplier

Product Name: Glycerine
Product Number: 5060233382057
Brand: Naturallythinking
Supplier: Naturallythinking, The Tramsheds, Coomber Way, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 4TQ
Contact Telephone: 020 8689 6489
Contact Email:

Section 2: Hazards IDENTIFICATION

Classification according to Directive 67/548/EEC [DSD] / Classification according to Directive 1999/45/EC [DPD]

Classification: Not classified.

Classification according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

Classification: Not classified.

Signal word:

Hazard statements :

No signal word.

This product is not classified according to EU legislation.

Section 3: Composition and information on Ingredients

Inci: Glycerin (Veg)
Cas: 56-81-5
Einecs: 200-289-5

Substance Active
Glycerine >= 99.5%


Section 4: First aid measures

General recommendation: If you feel unwell, seek medical attention and show the label when possible.

Inhalation: Not applicable.

Ingestion: Wash out mouth with water. If material has been swallowed and the exposed person is conscious, give small quantities of water to drink. Get medical attention if symptoms occur.

Skin contact: Flush contaminated skin with plenty of water. Get medical attention if symptoms occur.

Eye contact: Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water, occasionally lifting the upper and lower eyelids. Check for and remove any contact lenses. Continue to rinse for at least 10 minutes. Get medical attention if irritation occurs.

Section 5: Fire - Fighting measures

Extinguishing media

Suitable: In case of fire, use water spray (fog), foam, dry chemical or C02

Not Suitable: Do not use water jet

Special Hazard: In a fire or if heated, a pressure increase will occur and the container may burst

Hazardous thermal decomposition products: Decomposition products may include the following materias; carbone monoxide, carbon dioxide

Section 6: Accidental release measures

Personal Precautions: Put on appropiate personal protective equipment (see Section 8)

Environmental precautions: Avoid dispersal of spilled material and runoff and contact with soil, waterways, drains and sewers.

Spill: Absorb with an inert material

Section 7: Handling and Storage

Handling: No special measures required

Storage: Keep container tightly closed. Hygroscopic. Keep container tightly closed

Section 8: Exposure controls and personal protection

Protective equipment


Appropiate engineering controls: 

Provide adequate ventialtion

Eye/face protection

Eyewear complying with an approved standard should be worn if a risk assessment indicates eye contact is possible. The following protection should be worn: Tight-fitting safety glasses. Personal protective equipment for eye and face protection should comply with European Standard EN166.

Hand protection

Chemical-resistant, impervious gloves complying with an approved standard should be worn if
a risk assessment indicates skin contact is possible. The most suitable glove should be chosen in consultation with the glove supplier/manufacturer, who can provide information about the breakthrough time of the glove material. Rubber (natural, latex). Viton rubber (fluororubber). Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). To protect hands from chemicals, gloves should comply with European Standard EN374.

Other skin and body protection

Wear appropriate clothing to prevent skin contamination.

Hygiene measures Wash at the end of each work shift and before eating, smoking and using the toilet.

Respiratory protection In case of inadequate ventilation or when the product is heated, use

Section 9: Physical data and chemical properties

Reactivity: No specific test data related to reactivity is available for this product

Chemical stability: This product is stable

Possibility of hazardous reactions: Under normal conditions of storage and use, hazardous reactions will not occur.

Conditions to avoid: No specific data

Incompatible materials: No specific data

Section 10: Stability & Reactivity

Under normal conditions of storage and use, hazardous decomposition products should not be produced.

Section 11: Toxicological Information

Acute Toxicity > 5000mg/kg

OECD 405 Acute Eye irritation / Corrosion: 1

OECD 406 Skin Sensitization: Non sensitizing

OECD 471 Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test: Negative

Conclusion: Not mutagenic in Ames test

Section 12: Ecological information

The product components are not classified as environmentally hazardous. However, this does not exclude the possibility that large or frequent spills can have a harmful or damaging effect on the environment.

12.1. Toxicity

Toxicity Not considered toxic to fish.

Acute aquatic toxicity

Acute toxicity - fish 

LC50, 96 hours: 54000 mg/l, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Rainbow trout)

Acute toxicity - aquatic invertebrates

EC50, 24 hours: > 10000 mg/l, Daphnia magna

Acute toxicity - aquatic plants 

EC50, 72 hours: > 2900 mg/l, Freshwater algae

Acute toxicity - microorganisms

EC50, : > 1000 mg/l, Activated sludge

12.2. Persistence and degradability

he product is readily biodegradable. Biodegradation - Degradation 82%: 20 days (OECD 301D)

Biological oxygen demand 0.87 g OS22;/g substance

12.3. Bioaccumulative potential

Bioaccumulative potential

The product does not contain any substances expected to be bioaccumulating.

Partition coefficient log Pow: -1.76

12.4. Mobility in soil

Mobility The product is soluble in water.

12.5. Results of PBT and vPvB assessment

Results of PBT and vPvB assessment

This substance is not classified as PBT or vPvB according to current EU criteria.

12.6. Other adverse effects

Other adverse effects No information available.

Section 13: Disposal considerations

13.1. Waste treatment methods

General information

Waste should be treated as controlled waste. Do not puncture or incinerate, even when empty.

Disposal methods

Dispose of waste to licensed waste

Section 14: Transport information

Not hazardous according to RID, ADR, ADNR, IMDG, IATA-DGR.

Section 15: Regulatory information

For the classification and labelling of the product see section 2.

Section 16: Other information

Classification according to Directive 67/548/EEC [DSD] / Classification according to Directive 1999/45/EC [DPD]

Classification: Not classified.

Classification according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

Classification: Not classified.

Date of Issue: 27/12/2013
Revision A: Superceeds previous verions of Naturallythinking Glycerine MSDS sheets. New MSDS System


GMO Declaration

We declare that at present all our regisered and commercially available ingredients, extracts, oils, plants and skincare products are derived by traditional plant breeding methods. We do not have any ingredient, extract, oil or skincare product from genetically modified material

To the best of our knowledge, the information contained in the sheet is correct. However, we cannot accept responsibility for any consequences from its use.

Animal Testing Declaration


We believe there is already a “safe” and known group of product ingredients used in the cosmetics industry which leave enough scope to be creative and innovative in product formulation without the need for anymore animal testing on new experimental ingredients.

Our suppliers each also agree to not to carry out animal testing on the products and ingredients we purchase. We have a self-imposed cut-off date of 2006 (this was the date our cosmetic formulations came into being) although in reality our suppliers normally have animal testing dates far in excess of this or have never tested at all.

We do not conduct any form of animal testing.

We do not commission any form of animal testing from a third party.

We operate a fixed cut-off date for animal testing and ingedients, which means we will not use any ingredient that has been tested or retested on animals for cosmetics purposes since January 1, 2006

If we find that a company is involved in animal testing in anyway that purchases from us, then we will cease supply immediately. It is a term and condition that by purchasing from Naturallythinking you will not involve yourself or your company in any form of Animal Testing, any violation of this will be dealt with as per any violation of our terms and condtions