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Argan butter SDS by Naturallythinking
Argan butterby Naturallythinking Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

SDS for Argan butter

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) dated 15/12/2018

Batch Number: FRAMECPSR

Section 1: Identification of Product and Supplier

Product Name: Argan butter
Product Number: 5060330638941
Brand: Naturallythinking
Supplier: Naturallythinking, The Tramsheds, Coomber Way, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 4TQ
Contact Telephone: 020 8689 6489
Contact Email: support@naturallythinking.eu

Section 2: Hazards IDENTIFICATION

Non hazardouse

Section 3: Composition and information on Ingredients

Inci: Argania spinosa, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

Active Ingredient: >25%, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil: <75%

Section 4: First aid measures

Skin contact: Wash with water and soap Eye contact: Flush with water Ingestion: Not considered dangerous, in high dosage, seek medical attention

Section 5: Fire - Fighting measures

Extinguishing media: Carbon dioxide, foams, inert powder Extinguishing media to avoid: Water Special exposure hazards: Fine oil mists may be hazardous. On extreme long heating at high temperature gaseous components occur of acrolein variety. Protection against fire: Standard

Section 6: Accidental release measures

Individual Precautions: Wear protective clothing. Environmental Precautions: Do not discharge into drains, surface water, ground water. Use self contained breathing apparatus in conditions of thick smoke. Cool continers at risk with water spray jet. Disposal according to EU/UK environmental regulations.

Section 7: Handling and Storage

Handling: Observe good industrial hygiene practises. Wear gloves, eye protection and protective clothing Storage: Store in a cool dry place in unopened containers. Do not expose containers to source of heat

Section 8: Exposure controls and personal protection

No special personal protective equipment required. Protective gloves and goggles when handling hot oil.

Section 9: Physical data and chemical properties

Appearance @ 20°C: Soft solid butter Colour: Off white to ivory Melting point (°C): 50 - 60 Flash Point (°C): > 200 Auto ignition Point (°C): > 200 Density @ 25°C (g/cm3): 0.9 Solubility: Insoluble

Section 10: Stability & Reactivity

Conditions to avoid: High temperature near flash point Materials to avoid: Strong oxidising agents Hazardous decomposition products: Acrolein at extreme heating Hazardous reactions: Polymerisation not likely to occur Shelf Life: 24 months when stored in original unopened containers

Section 11: Toxicological Information

Non toxic product.

Section 12: Ecological information

The substance while being insoluble oil could if it is versed in great quantity could harm marine ecosystems

Section 13: Disposal considerations

Residue for disposal: According to local regulations. Waste packing: Observe local regulations

Section 14: Transport information

Not dangerous product Classification: not classified in RID/ADR/IMDG

Section 15: Regulatory information

Section 16: Other information

In compliance with the requirements in the current Cosmetic Directives 67/548 EEC et 1999/45/CE

GMO Declaration

We declare that at present all our regisered and commercially available ingredients, extracts, oils, plants and skincare products are derived by traditional plant breeding methods. We do not have any ingredient, extract, oil or skincare product from genetically modified material

To the best of our knowledge, the information contained in the sheet is correct. However, we cannot accept responsibility for any consequences from its use.

Animal Testing Declaration


We believe there is already a “safe” and known group of product ingredients used in the cosmetics industry which leave enough scope to be creative and innovative in product formulation without the need for anymore animal testing on new experimental ingredients.

Our suppliers each also agree to not to carry out animal testing on the products and ingredients we purchase. We have a self-imposed cut-off date of 2006 (this was the date our cosmetic formulations came into being) although in reality our suppliers normally have animal testing dates far in excess of this or have never tested at all.

We do not conduct any form of animal testing.

We do not commission any form of animal testing from a third party.

We operate a fixed cut-off date for animal testing and ingedients, which means we will not use any ingredient that has been tested or retested on animals for cosmetics purposes since January 1, 2006

If we find that a company is involved in animal testing in anyway that purchases from us, then we will cease supply immediately. It is a term and condition that by purchasing from Naturallythinking you will not involve yourself or your company in any form of Animal Testing, any violation of this will be dealt with as per any violation of our terms and condtions